Terms & Conditions for Purchasing Workbooks

  1. Introduction:

  1. Using the content and/or services provided by this website in any way is subject to the user’s approval of the terms and conditions outlined in this Terms & Conditions form.

  2. Browsing through the website and/or signing up for services and/or purchasing workbooks indicate the user’s approval of these Terms & Conditions.

  3. The website’s management has the authority to suspend, block or immediately terminate the access of a user to its services if the user fails to abide by the terms of this regulation.

  4. It is prohibited to use the website and/or its products for any and all illegal purposes.

  5. Signing up as a member and/or purchasing on the website is permitted only for users who are 18 years of age and above. Signing up on the website is a declaration made by the user that he or she are indeed above the age of 18.

  6. It is prohibited to register another person and/or purchase products using another person’s name without their consent and/or without them being present in front of the screen at the time of registration, and only after they are properly informed of the terms stated in this regulations form.

  7. The website’s management has the right to update the terms of the regulation periodically. New terms will apply to anyone purchasing at the website.

  1. General Background:

  1. The “Mashkuchit – Business Development and Training” company created an online shopping store website with the formal brand name “My-WorkBooks.com”, in order to sell workbooks (hereafter referred to as “the product” and/or “the products”).

  2. The webpage for selling “Workbooks” offers various types of workbooks that include notebooks for reading, individual development, learning and practicing a range of fields, which you can learn more about on “the product” webpage.

  1. Copyrights

  1. All intellectual property and copyrights relating to this website belong to the website’s management.

  2. Registering to this website grants customers who purchase workbooks exclusive and individual use of the product. Users who are registered are prohibited from transferring their authorized use of the purchased product and/or any part of it to another person.

  3. Upon registration users must fill in the required personal details accurately, in order to complete their registration and so that the company can maintain contact with its registered members.

  4. It is prohibited to use this website to publish or transfer any information that is false, offensive, slandering, threatening, a violation of someone’s privacy, racist, or illegal.

  5. The information and materials offered on this website and/or in the workbooks were not invented

    by the author. However, they serve as a background for learning, they combine original materials from other sources and they are arranged in workbooks that are protected by copyright law.

  6. It is prohibited to use this website for any commercial purposes such as promoting advertisements or any other shape or form.

  7. It is illegal to duplicate, copy, photograph, record, save in a database, transmit or receive via electronic, optic, mechanical or any other means any materials from the workbook purchased here. This purchased workbook and its content or any part of it is intended for personal use only.

  1. Professional Guarantee

  1. The website’s management asserts that the website and its services will be available at all times. However, the management cannot assure the website will be continuously accessible without any malfunctions or “errors”. Furthermore, the website’s management has the right to periodically disable access to the website for reasons of maintenance and upkeep. Users will not receive monetary compensations or refunds for malfunctions or interrupted internet access.

  2. The website’s management will not be held responsible for the contents of adds, “Banners” or any other promotional materials on the website, or from other referencing websites. The advertisers alone will be held accountable.

  3. Customers who purchase the kit from the website understand and acknowledge that the ideas offered on the website and in the workbooks are their sole responsibility and they will have no claim and/or make legal demands of the website’s manager and/or anyone on behalf of the company.

  4. We would like to emphasize that in the act of purchasing the kit, customers relinquish any legal complaint and/or demand and/or claim they may have towards the company and/or the website’s management and/or the author of the kit, due to any harm of any kind that may come to them.

  5. Limited warranty: Even if, heaven forbid, the court decides that a person who bought a workbook was harmed in any way, the latter agrees that the maximal compensation fee he/she is entitled to equals the cost of the product he/she purchased and nothing more.

  1. Terms of Delivery

  1. The prices quoted on the website do not include delivery fees:

Delivery via mail / registered mail

  • Orders that amount to a sum total of up to 40$ (American dollars) will be sent via standard mail to the customer at an additional charge.

  • Orders that amount to a sum total of 40$ and above (American dollars) will be delivered to the customer via standard mail at no extra charge.

  • Orders that amount to a sum total of 80$ and above (American dollars) will be delivered to the customer via registered mail at no extra charge.

The product will be delivered within 7 work days beginning from the day the customer received an email approving the transaction.

Courier delivery to you home:

  • You will be charged a 35$ (American dollars) delivery fee for courier delivery

  • Orders that amount to a sum total of 499$ or more (American dollars) will be delivered by courier to the customer’s home at no extra charge.

  1. Canceling Transactions through the Website

  1. Customers are entitled to cancel transactions through the website within 2 work days starting from the day the transaction was completed online, and only if the products have not yet been shipped or mailed to the customer.

  1. Canceling a transaction is only permitted for products that have not yet been shipped to the customer:

  1. An email must be sent to the following address: Info@My-WorkBooks.com

  2. When canceling the transaction according to the abovementioned article, the customer’s money will be returned to him/her within 14 days from the day the cancelation notice was received, and only in the event that the products have not yet been shipped or mailed to the customer. Refunds do not include cancelation fees, which will not exceed 5% of the charge or 25$ American dollars, whichever is the lowest of the two.

  3. Customers cannot cancel transactions in which they acquired products that can be recorded, copied, or duplicated. Consequently, once the workbooks are shipped or mailed, the transaction is irrevocable.

  4. Products cannot be exchanged and are non refundable.

  5. The website is not responsible and cannot be responsible for mail that is sent on its behalf and did not reach its destination. Therefore, we recommend our customers order products using registered mail and/or courier services that deliver to the costumer’s home.

  1. Miscellaneous

  1. These regulations will be subject to Israeli law. The Tel Aviv judicial courts are herby its sole jurisdiction.

  2. A failure to abide by any of the terms and conditions of this regulation in general, will grant the website manager the full right to sue and/or demand a compensation of 15,000$ (American dollars) + VAT, without any call for proof from the perpetrator.

  3. In the event that the court rules the buyer is entitled to any type of compensation then the buyer of the kit agrees that the compensation will not surpass the cost of the product he/she purchased.