The “Sell!” Workbook for managing successful sales, reveals a 6 stage sales model for salespeople. The model starts off by outlining the first stage of preparation, continuing with the presentation of the product, and concluding with the signing and closing of the deal.

The “Sell!” workbook provides answers and tools in the following areas:

  • What are the most important steps a salesperson should take when preparing for a sale, which most salespeople tend to overlook?
  • Can customers be classified according to “styles of communication” during a sale? If so, how? And how can the study and practice of “styles of communication” significantly increase the scope of your sales?
  • What is the importance of “identifying your customer’s needs and desires” during the sales process and how can learning, practicing and implementing this skill double your sales?
  • What should I focus on when presenting the products and services I am offering for sale and how much of an impact does my body language have on completing a sale successfully?
  • What is “The Sales Pyramid” and what does it have to do with planning a professional sales strategy that can significantly increase the scope of your sales?
  • What is the proper way to address objections during a sale? How can you increase your sales by managing your customer’s objections professionally?

The “Sell!” workbook is a concise compilation of professional knowledge and tools in sales that were developed and taught throughout successful sales courses and personal sales training sessions. The workbook is written and designed in a clear and friendly manner. It includes exercises that empower salespeople and enable them to implement the knowledge and the tools that they acquire in their work.

Who could benefit from the “Sell!” workbook?

The “Sell!” workbook is meant for any salesperson who sells products or services face-to-face or over the phone.

  • Business owners or entrepreneurs who wish to promote their product, service or initiative, and who can benefit from practical tools in sales.
  • Managers and decision makers who wish to improve and practice their presentation and persuasion skills.
  • The “Sell!” workbook can be printed with the brand of your business or organization. For further details click here!