The “Present!” Workbook will provide its reader with skills for managing presentations and speaking before an audience in a captivating, intriguing and professional way. The workbook guides its reader in planning the presentation, adapting the presentation to the target audience, organizing its verbal messages, providing ideas and information about presentation methods, using the correct body language, interpreting the audience’s body language, and coping with “stage fright” in different ways. The “Present!” Workbook is an essential tool for anyone who wishes to convey a message to individuals or audiences; managers, lecturers, facilitators, service and salespeople, teacher and more.

The “Present!” workbook provides answers and tools in the following areas:

  • What are the steps that each professional speaker takes when developing and writing presentations, which most speakers tend to overlook?
  • Based on research, in which of the following dimensions should I invest most of my energy in during the presentation: The verbal dimension (what I say), the vocal dimension (the use of my voice and my choice of words throughout the presentation) or the visual dimension (my body language and movements)? How can I utilize each of these dimensions to the fullest?
  • What is the proper way to address objections during the presentation and in which circumstances does the problem lie with the objector, rather than the objection?
  • How can a speaker reduce feelings of “stage fright” and which techniques can help prevent feeling anxiety?

The “Present!” workbook offers professional knowledge and tools for delivering, planning and managing effective presentations, acquiring body language skills, handling objections and improving the speaker’s confidence.

The “Present!” workbook is written in a clear and friendly manner and provides a compilation of professional knowledge, which is derived from the course on “Effective Presentations and Body Language”. The workbook includes techniques and practical exercises and provides the reader with tools for delivering an interesting, captivating and professional presentation.

 Who could benefit from the “Present!” workbook?

  • The “Present!” workbook is meant for professionals who work in the field of management, training, facilitation or teaching: lecturers, speakers, trainers, teachers, managers, salespeople, lawyers and business consultants, who provide organizational counseling, strategic counseling or personal training services.
  • Managers, business owners or entrepreneurs who wish to present their business or initiative in a professional and captivating way when addressing individuals, groups or audiences.
  • Managers and shapers of public opinion who seek to develop and practice their presentation and persuasion skills, among them – PR representatives, ambassadors, consuls and official spokespeople.
  • Individuals seeking to develop and apply presentation skills in an interesting and professional way.
  • The “Present!” workbook can be printed with the brand of a business or an organization. For further details click here!