The Complete Package

The Complete Package

Order a package of all 5 workbooks at a discount price, for an enriching, meaningful and effective learning experience! The complete package includes the following workbooks: “Sell!”, “Do!”, “Present!”, the “Fulfill!” workbook and card set and the “My ToDoList!” task management notebook.

The complete package can be an excellent tool for you to use, or a valued gift for a colleague, friend or partner.

The complete package includes all of the workbooks mentioned and will provide professional tools in the following areas:

  • Self Management Skills: Managing time and tasks, planning and writing a vision and a successful work plan, methods and tools for presenting a topic in a persuasive and captivating way, body language and public speaking skills, techniques for selling products, services or ideas, and methods for handling objections.
  • Skills for managing your environment: organizational management, managing change, empowering your social, organizational or business environment, recruiting partners to a shared vision, creative thinking and empowering facilitation.
  • Professional tools: The complete set invites the reader to learn and practice professional skills that all together provide a professional set for success in various fields. The complete set is based on material that is successfully facilitated in thousands of courses and workshops, which you can read more about by entering the following links:
  • The “Sales workshop” or “Sales course”
  • The “Styles of Communication” workshop
  • The “From a Professional Vision to a Work Plan” workshop
  • The “Effective Presentation and Body Language” workshop
  • The “Time Management” workshop
  • The “Creative Thinking” workshop
  • The Management Development course
  • The “4 W’s Model for Effective Presentation” course
  • The “Mosaic” course for Self Awareness and Empowerment

All of the workbooks are based on a professional model that was developed and successfully facilitated in workshops and courses for thousands of participants in the field and convey information in a clear and organized manner. The professional models and written material are provided in a clear and concise manner, so as to serve a range of readers with different personal and professional backgrounds and varying interests.

Who could benefit from the complete package?

The complete package of workbooks is a special gift that anyone can and should start off by giving themselves! Reading and practicing the workbooks in the package will enable personal and professional growth in a range of fields and can help readers in their various pursuits.

  • Managers, business owners or entrepreneurs who wish to develop and enhance their set of skills, thereby promoting the employees and supporters of the organization as a whole, the business or the initiative that they lead.
  • Professionals in the field of management, training, facilitation or teaching: lecturers, spokespeople, trainers, teachers, managers and business consultants, who provide organizational counseling, strategic counseling or personal training services.
  • The complete package can serve as a wonderful gift for employees in the organization, managers, colleagues or graduates of various training courses.
  • The complete package can be printed with the brand of the business or organization. For further details click here!

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