The “Do!” Workbook for managing time and work plans offers its reader information and tools from the field of “time management” and “task management”. It provides tools for organizing time by making out what is “important or urgent”, by managing assignments and objectives according to the “hat system”, by helping to shape and define a vision, and by translating that vision into practical terms.

The “DO!” workbook provides answers and tools in the following areas:

  • Do you tend to be consciously “proactive” in a way that generates opportunities and creates a setting that meets your needs, or do you tend to “respond” to incidental needs, desires and opportunities that are dependent on other people?
  • What is your vision? How should it be phrased and thereafter translated into a professional work plan that takes the various commitments and “hats” in your life into consideration?
  • How can time be managed according to what is “important” rather than what is “urgent”? How can effective time management help to significantly reduce “time consumers” throughout the day?
  • How can I advance and promote my vision with the help of my professional and social environment? Through teamwork, the delegation of authority and professional networking?

The “DO!” workbook offers professional knowledge and tools for effective time and task management. It guides the reader through a process of self evaluation that clarifies current patterns of time and task management, and helps in writing, shaping and implementing a vision with a suitable work plan. The “DO!” workbook is based on the “Manager Development” program and the “Time and Task Management” workshops. It combines knowledge and tools with exercises that help apply the information acquired by the reader in a clear, concise and friendly manner.

Who could benefit from the “DO!” workbook?

  • The “DO!” workbook is meant for anyone who wishes to move their life forward and who could benefit from acquiring a range of professional tools for becoming successful.
  • Managers, business owners or entrepreneurs who seek to develop and enhance their organization, study techniques in time and task management and develop a professional vision.
  • Professionals in the field of management, training, facilitation or teaching: lecturers, spokespeople, trainers, teachers, managers, salespeople, lawyers and business consultants, who provide organizational counseling, strategic counseling or personal training services.
  • The “DO!” workbook can be printed with the brand of your business or organization. For further details, click here!