The "Fulfill!" 100 Card Set Working Kit

The "Fulfill!" Workbook for facilitated empowerment is a set composed of 100 cards and a written guide. It includes 50 cards depicting creative images, and 50 word cards that note feelings and emotions. The cards come with a written guide that offers ideas and professional ways to use the kit in guided workshops, personal training, management and counseling. The "Fulfill!" kit is a creative educational tool that provides ideas and innovative tools for facilitating an in-depth, interesting and meaningful process. The kit is unique in that it is suitable for everyone and in a variety of settings, beginning with professional management, consultation or training, as well as for a fabulous family experience when sitting around the holiday dinner table.

The “Fulfill!” cards set and workbook provide tools in the following areas:

  • A variety of creative ideas and tools for examining your current personal, social or professional situation, planning and articulating the desired situation, and finding ways bridge the gap between the two.
  • Useful examination, evaluation and assessment methods. The methods offered in “Fulfill!” are designed for facilitating productive couple therapy sessions, working with teams and facilitating groups.
  • Skills and tools for verbalizing goals and objectives and translating them into a practical work plan.
  • An abundance of ideas and suggestions on how to use the kit when leading processes of change, coordinating expectations, mediating etc.

The “Fulfill!” cards set and workbook provide a unique, innovative, creative and refreshing approach to empowerment processes. It is designed for people to work individually or in pairs, and for facilitating sessions with workers, teams and groups. Along with the assortment of cards that come with the kit, which include a set of creative picture cards and a set of word cards, the kit also includes a workbook with dozens of practical ideas for use. The kit’s development is based on extensive experience in successfully facilitated management development courses, empowerment and training workshops and personal training processes.

Who could benefit from using the “Fulfill!” cards set and workbook?

  • The “Fulfill!” cards set and workbook is meant for anyone who wants to fulfill! The kit will guide you through the first stage of self reflecting and evaluating, followed by shaping a vision for the future and determining goals, and all the way through to professionally planning a practical work plan.
  • Couples, families and parents who wish to enjoy creative and experiential tools that enable an empowering dialogue.
  • Managers, business owners or entrepreneurs who seek to develop and empower their employees.
  • Professionals in the field of management, training, facilitation or teaching: lecturers, spokespeople, trainers, teachers, managers, salespeople and business consultants, who provide organizational counseling, strategic counseling or personal training services.
  • The “Fulfill!” workbook can be printed with the brand of your business organization. For further details click here!