Sales professional are expected to stimulate positive action in the business world or industry where they belong—hence a proper business strategy and excellent corporate performance is needed to be successful in their own realm. And as the global economic system deals with various issues such as: increases globalization of business, more emphasis on ‘customer satisfaction’ and building competitiveness through ‘quality improvement programs’, it is highly expected that salespeople are would be recognized as the key force in driving and executing appropriate strategies and techniques that is needed for the survival & growth of the company/business.

Salespeople plays an essential role in leveraging the success of the company and diffusing innovation in the industry, the process whereby services, products & ideas are distributed to the customers or members of the society. Mostly, well-informed and specialized salespeople provides a useful information to the potential customers while heading his/her team to a progressive path that is needed to become successful in the business. However, with the ever changing economic climate and unforeseen obstacle, the challenges being posed to sales managers seems so insurmountable. While acting as the leader of his team, salespeople are expected to assist not only his own district but also the whole company in general—reasons why strong managerial ability, accurate strategy and proper skillset is needed to be able to surpass all expectation and eliminate obstacles.

Salespeople occupies the so called ‘unique role’ of being the revenue producers in the company, hence they are an integral part of business since revenue is the ‘lifeblood’ of any firm, regardless of industry where you belong. Although financial staffs and accountants are also concerned with the company’s profitability, still, it is the salespeople who are constantly responsible of achieving a healthy ‘top line’ on the business profit & loss statement while effectively handling his administration. With this being said, salespeople are increasingly responsible not only for improving the business overall profitability, but is also responsible for improving the productivity action of his/her team/management. Thus, in order to become efficient in driving his/her company to success and producing desirable end result, salespeople should have the proper knowledge, skills, motivation and techniques in order to carry out his/her role and vision.

Some would argue that sales people are not trained as market researchers, or that their time should be better used than in research activities. Unfortunately, this is somehow true, particularly for those salespeople who aren’t competent enough to handle his role. It is also not an exaggeration to say that most firm fails in hitting their expected revenue due to the lack of ability and poor sales management skills of their salespeople. So in order to be successful in your own sales effort, then you should incorporate proper skills, knowledge, strategies and method to handle your role. But if you are still not getting the picture of what to improve and which areas of yourself and managerial skills are still needed to be strengthen, www.my-workbooks.com can provide you with necessary materials on how to be successful in sales management.

Why www.my-workbook.com?

www.my-workbook.com is your one stop workbook store for reinforcing your managerial and corporate skills, all which come in affordable prices. Some of the workbook offered in www.my-workbook.com are: Sell! (Successful Sales Management Workbook), Do! (Time and Task Management Workbook), My ToDo List! (Organizing Notebook), Present! (Workbook for Effective Presentations) and Fulfill (Empowerment Card and Workbook Kit). All workbook provides a comprehensive guideline on how to become successful in your business role and career. Also incorporated in the workbook are some of the necessary information, tools, comprehensive strategy and interactive methods on how to handle your operation or daily task.

Increasing Sales with Sales Workbook

Just mentioned earlier, this workbook is a comprehensive guide to effective and successful management activity for salespeople. In this workbook, salespeople, business owners and sales managers are provided with comprehensive information on how they can achieve success in increasing company’s revenue using an effective technique provided in the workbook. Sell! workbook is not only limited in providing an all-inclusive guide on how to become an effective salespeople/manager, but it also provide a plethora of tools needed for accelerated growth & sustenance.

Some of the included information are focused on sales-enablement which indicates ‘sales effectiveness’ that are needed to achieve business goals, and consequently develop their ability when it comes to carrying out their sales management activity. Traditionally, this workbook acts as a support for salespeople to gain knowledge and create awareness that contributes to the growth of the business. This doesn’t only provide an affective guide on how to improve their skills and ability, but the workbook also provide vast amount of useful information which enriches the intellect of salespeople and establish confidence and proper attitude towards work. It contains logical and rich content which will surely help you in driving your sales force to productivity and success. Here are few of the knowledge you’ll learn from this user-friendly workbook:

  • Managerial Processes

Included in the content are some of the areas and weak spot where you need to focus on. It also incorporates some of the important processes across sales management team, as well as how to improve such part in order to lead your team for an optimal performance. The strategies, skills and tools used in these processes vary depending on the type of selling, sales cycle and market. Great sales managers should learn to manage these skills and strategies to help improve their company’s processes and carry out business goals expertly.

  • Sales-Force Evaluation and Training

Apart from poor management, without a successful sales training, objection handling can pose a risk to your company or might adversely lead to declining sales. To avoid this things from happening, Sell! workbook includes some of the effective evaluation step and techniques on how to set the mindset of your workforce and how to develop their discipline among them. This primarily aims to provide higher sales morale among them, which subsequently yielding to positive and prosperous result.

  • Sales Performance Management

For growing sales revenue, Sell! workbook is providing an in-depth knowledge and techniques on how sales manager should establish confidence and pride within sales management team. This is a very important aspect that involves correction in ‘Sales Territories’ so that the whole workforce has equal opportunity to attain desired sales.

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