What are "Work Books"?

The “Workbooks” are a tool developed by a team of organizational consultants that is based on many years of acquired professional knowledge and experience, as well as the facilitation of tens of thousands of participants in various organizations and businesses around the world.
The idea that lies behind the development of the “Workbooks” is to allow readers to undergo an individual process in the shape of “the Workbook”. The process includes studying a topic comprehensively and practicing specified exercises in the field, while developing the ways in which the topic pertains to the readers’ personal and professional worlds.
It is worth emphasizing the importance of following through with the proposed “Workbook” exercises, which include hand written assignments. They will contribute to your learning experience and to the implementation of the tools we are offering.
The workbooks have a fresh, friendly and clean-cut design, with a display of inspirational quotes.
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How can I order the "Workbooks"?

The easiest way to place an order is through the website. It will provide you with a clear, simple and secure way to complete your purchase online.

Orders can also be made through email: info@My-WorkBooks.com

What are the payment options available for the products I order?

  • We accept payments made through PayPal, which securely processes your payment at the end of your online purchase.
  • Another alternative is to make a bank transfer. If you wish to receive the relevant bank account information, please send us an email with the details of your order. After making a bank transfer, you must send an email with the online notice from the bank indicating that the transfer has been made. This will complete your purchase, whereupon your order will be shipped.

What is the estimated time of delivery?

  • Confirmed online orders are usually sent by standard mail, by registered mail, or delivered to your directly within 3-4 work days, based on the sum total of the purchase or the customer’s preference.
  • Orders made for “Workbooks Designed with your Business Brand” may extend the estimated delivery date by 14 work days.
  • Once your order is shipped, the amount of time it takes for your order to arrive at its given destination is subject to change, depending on the services of the postal company.
  • If you require fast shipping or courier services, you can request these services at an additional cost when completing your purchase online.

Who would enjoy receiving the "Workbooks" as a gift?

The “Workbooks” can be a great gift for anyone, anytime. You can attach a personal card and a special printed dedication to the “Workbook” which will be shipped with the package directly to the recipient.
The workbooks can also be a wonderful gift for people who speak other languages. The workbooks are currently offered in English and Hebrew, and will soon be available in French, Spanish and Russian as well. .

Since the “Workbooks” cover a wide range of topics, they can be personally customized for anyone. They can be given on different types of personal and professional occasions, or as a valuable gift to employees.

  • The “Sell!” Workbook is an excellent gift for anyone involved in sales, or who plans on selling products. Furthermore, this is a wonderful gift for businesses involved with sales or sales course facilitators, who would like to give their salespeople a valuable gift that will contribute to them professionally.
  • The “Do!” Workbook will provide its readers with effective tools for and task management. It will help them fulfill assignments aimed at developing and writing their personal and professional vision, pertaining to different aspects of life. The “Do!” Workbook is an excellent tool that managers, employees and friends will be happy to receive.
  • The “Present!” Workbook will guide its readers in planning and organizing their presentation, whether speaking before an audience, a group of people or clients. Every manager, lecturer, teacher or salesperson will be happy to receive the “Present!” Workbook, providing them with tools to deliver an effective, persuasive and stimulating presentation.
  • The “Fulfill!” card set and Workbook is a delightful and exceptionally useful tool for managing a process of in-depth dialogue between managers and employees, between trainers and trainees, between facilitators and groups, between therapists and patients, or any other interpersonal relationship. The set consists of over 200 cards (or a smaller version, which consists of 100 cards) with images and words that come with a guiding workbook of ideas to be applied in various professional ways. This is a worthwhile gift for every manager, personal trainer, counselor or friend.
  • The “Workbooks” can be a great addition to your organization’s holiday gift package!
  • A gift for graduates who complete professional training, courses and seminars.
  • A personal gift for a friend with a special dedication!
  • You can also decide to send us a document to print out and place in an envelope, which we will add to the packaged gift.

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What does it mean to have "Workbooks" printed with my business brand?

Some of our customers present the “Workbooks” as a gift to their entire staff, to graduates of courses and training seminars, or as a tool for learning and empowering the members of their organization. In My-WorkBooks.com our customers have the option of branding our products and designing the “Workbooks” to match the style of your organization:

  • Inserting the company’s logo / choosing a design for the front and back covers of the “Workbooks”.
  • The first page of the “Workbooks” will include a personalized letter to the reader with a dedication signed by you.
  • The offer to print products with your business brand requires placing an order of at least 150 copies.

To order branded products of your choice, please click here. (Printing with your Business Brand)

Are the products sold in other languages?

The “Workbooks” are currently sold in English and in Hebrew and in the process of being translated and edited in French, Spanish and Russian.
If you would like to purchase our products in any other language, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. To contact us, click here.

Can I sell or distribute your products in my store?

At My-WorkBooks.com we are happy to share the knowledge and the tools that we have acquired and continue to develop.

In order to become a “distributor” of our products, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • The products must be branded and displayed in an appropriate fashion, either on the shelf or near the cashier of your store.
  • The salespeople need to undergo brief training (at our expense) regarding the products and their professional contribution and value, so as to enable them to present the products accurately and professionally.
  • The “distributor” fees vary according to the sum total of the sales made each year.

If you are a shop owner interested in distributing our products, please fill in the attached form.

You have the option of distributing our products through an online shopping store owned by you, or by using an advertisement or banner (the Affiliated Marketing Program) on your website that references customers to our website. For details, please click here.

Can I sell my products in your store?

My-WorkBooks.com is a frequently visited online store that serves many satisfied customers from around the world.

If you have developed first-rate products that can contribute to our customers personally and professionally, we will be happy to explore the possibility of cooperating with you.

Please contact us with details about your product. Click here!

Are there courses or workshops for groups that are based on the "Workbooks"?

The development and writing of the “Workbooks” is based on our collective experience, which amounts to thousands of hours all together, in facilitating and training people around the world. We are offering them to you in a way that will enable you to independently acquire information and complete exercises.

We facilitate professional workshops in organizations concerning various topics, as well as workshops that carry the title “Workbooks”:

  • The “Sell!” workshop is a sales workshop that consists of 3-12 sessions, and is facilitated by the “iLead – Training Salespeople” company.
  • The “Do!” workshop is a workshop for time and task management that consists of 1-3 sessions, and is facilitated by the “Mashkuchit – Business Development and Training” company.
  • The “Present!” workshop is a workshop on effective presentation, public speaking and body language skills that consists of 3-12 sessions and is facilitated by the “Mashkuchit – Business Development and Training” company.
  • The “Fulfill!” Workshop is a workshop that provides educational tools for empowering management, instruction and facilitation skills. The workshop consists of 3-5 sessions and is facilitated by the “Mashkuchit – Business Development and Training” company

We also offer the “Workbooks” for sale for graduates of courses and workshops that we facilitate. In many cases the organizations that invite us to facilitate workshops purchase the “Workbooks” and hand them out at the end of the workshop, and in some cases the organization also adds their business brand.


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