At My-WorkBooks.com we are happy to share the knowledge and the tools that we have and continue to develop through our products. There are three ways to work together in selling our products: 1) through retail stores that are interested and capable of offering our products for sale 2) through online shopping stores that are interested and capable of selling our products 3) by posting a link of the “My-WorkBooks.com” website on your internet website, using an advertisement or banner that we send you (the Affiliated Marketing Program).

Distributing through retail stores:

  1. The products must be displayed in an appropriate fashion, either on the shelf or near the cashier in your store.
  2. The salespeople in the store need to undergo brief training (at our expense) regarding the products and the professional contribution and value they offer the customer, so that they will have the necessary tools to present the products effectively.
  3. The “distributor” fees vary depending on the sum total of the sales made each year.

Distributing through my online shopping stores:

  1. Your online shopping store must be related to our field of work.
  2. It must be designed professionally and offer first-rate content and visual quality.
  3. The products will be presented with the verbal content we provide.

Referencing from the website that you own, which is not an online shopping store (the Affiliated Marketing Program):

  1. As part of the referencing program, you can promote sales through reliable internet websites by imbedding banner advertisements / articles / links that redirect users from the website to the My-WorkBooks.com website.
  2. Purchases made using the link from the referencing website will grant the owners of the website a certain percentage of the purchase that was made through the reference.
  3. At any point you can monitor the amount of traffic, as well as the sales rate, through an internet tracking system that is separate from the Affiliate Marketing Program.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please fill out the form below:

I am interested in offering your products for sale:
 in a retail store that I own through an e-commerce store that I own by referencing your website on a website that I own, in exchange for a share of the profits (The Affiliated Marketing Program)