The “” were developed by a team of senior staff at the Mashkuchit – Business Development and Training Company. The team includes organizational consultants and psychologists, business managers, directors of human resources and group facilitators, who all work under the management of Yaniv Shenhav. Collectively, we have met tens of thousands of participants in a range of workshops, courses, seminars and facilitated professional processes around the world.

We provide tools, information and working methods throughout each facilitated process. When properly implemented, these methods can significantly improve the working experience of individuals and teams, as well as the ability to define goals and achievements. Most of all, these methods enrich the working process with in-depth learning and inspirational experiences.

At we have succeeded in converting the sum of our professional experiences into a series of products which we are proud of, and which we now present to you.

We believe the tools offered to you here will be an excellent and applicable means to develop personally and professionally, as well as a means to facilitate and empower your personal and professional environment.

The “Workbooks” are an excellent and effective way to individually learn and practice a range of professional matters. When writing the “Workbooks”, we were guided by the principles of professionalism, simplicity and relevance. The workbooks are composed of texts, with brief overviews of essential tools and information. Each chapter and topic of discussion includes exercises that, based on our experience, make a significant contribution to understanding, acquiring and implementing the tools we offer. The workbooks have a fresh, friendly and clean-cut design, together with a display of inspirational quotes. The workbooks are a wonderful gift for you to give yourself or those you care about! To download the “Workbooks” catalogue, please click here.

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